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 ❗️In colder weather, it may seem like your car freshener isn’t as strong as it is in the summer. ❗️

‼️The reason is because the heat draws out the fragrance. So in the colder months, you will have to wait until your vehicle warms up to get the scent moving around.

Your order will ship within 7 business days, not including weekends or holidays. If you shop during a sale, orders could take up to 10 days before shipping. I only ship within the US at this time.  Current turn around time on the banner at the top of this page.

Please double check your shipping address when ordering! 

 How long does the scent last?

Your freshener will last on average 30 days, depending on the scent. Noses & oils range per individual. Some scents are stronger and therefore last longer. You can get used to it a lot quicker and become nose blind to the scent opposed to someone who is not around it all the time. Just because you can’t smell it anymore, doesn’t mean that another person, who isn't in your vehicle all the time, doesn't smell it. My suggestion is, don’t always get the same scent every time. If you have any issue with your freshie not lasting, message me.

 Can I buy one now and save it for Christmas?

Yes! I use scent proof bags that will keep your freshie smelling good, in the bag, for up to 6 months   

What colors do you have?

I have almost every color of the rainbow all the way to neons. I have a couple pictures of the colors offered, to help you decide. I do not have every color pictured because I have so many different colors. (Working on getting more pictures). But if there is a certain color you want, that is not pictured, put it in the color box and I will come, as close as I can, to that color. 

 Do you accept returns or cancellations?

No. Your order is made especially for you. But if there is a problem with your freshie, please let me know as this is the only way I can improve my products.

Can they be rescented?

No. Once the scent is gone there is no way to put more scent into it.

Can I put it in a wax warmer?

Absolutely NOT. They are plastic.

Do you trim your freshies?

Yes, I do trim them because I like the smooth look. 

What can I do with the freshie after the scent is gone?

You can use them as Christmas ornaments on your tree, hang them around the house as decoration, or stick them in a drawer.

There are many names for Freshies: 

freshies, air fresheners, car fresheners, car candles, car scents, aromies, aroma bead air fresheners, smellies.