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💥Some scents are lighter than others. You can always ask me for a recommendation if you are wanting a stronger or lighter scent.💥

❗️In colder weather, it may seem like your car freshener isn’t as strong as it is in the summer. ❗️
‼️The reason is because the heat draws out the fragrance. So in the colder months, you will have to wait until your vehicle warms up to get the scent moving around‼️


🌺Baja Cactus - citrusy, fruity, slightly spicy - jasmine, lavender & bergamot type of floral, long lasting sweet vanilla.

💥Mahogany Teakwood-(popular with guys and girls)- woodsy, blend of mahogany, oak, cedar wood with a touch of lavender.

😁Happy Place- Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, with lightly exotic greens.

🧺 Clean Cotton - super clean and fresh laundry with a hint of sweetness

🐾 Southern Pecan-Sweet orange, roasted pecans, maple sugar and caramel, vanilla, cinnamon spice

🍍Pina Colada ~ : a tropical blend of sweet pineapple and coconut

🥃 Kentucky Bourbon- blend of bourbon, rum, and cognac, fruity, cedar, vanilla

🍍Butt Naked ~ (strong) A fruity blend that combines green apples, spicy pears, honeydew melon, and strawberries with light accents of cherry. 

🏕 Camping Weather- Fresh Air, Lemon Peel, Honeysuckle, Violet Petals, Green Leaves, Vanilla Bean

🍓Fruity Pebbles-smells just like the cereal

🎂 Birthday Cake-vanilla undertone

🤠 Sun Drenched Cowboy- sexy, manly cowboy smell mixed with an ocean breeze

💍 Leather Laced- custom blend of french vanilla, leather and a sweet something extra

🔥Lineman -multiple cologne & leather blend. Strong, spicy, and a little earthy.

💄Coco Butter Cashmere: warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood and a touch of coconut sweetness combines to create a truly relaxing fragrance.

☕️Caramel Macchiato -Creamy caramel notes, coconut milk, coffee beans and cocoa powder on a base of sweet, frothy vanilla

🧊Cool Water-cologne-citrus top note enhanced by a background of amber, musk, moss, sandalwood & cedar.

🧇Pumpkin Pecan Waffles-A warm waffle topped with pumpkin maple syrup, highlighted with sweet butter and crushed pecans.